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Artist Collection - Remine.

Cinettica-Artist Collaboration: Introducing Remine – Painter, Printmaker, Photographer

Cinettica is excited to announce the launch of a new artistic collaboration with one of Australia’s most exciting artists: Remine. With a vast wealth of experience and deep well of creativity, she draws on her work as a painter, printmaker and photographer to bring a bold new look to the Cinettica range.


Remine’s eclecticism, breadth and intelligence are what set her apart. After graduating in Fine Art in Newcastle, she moved to Brisbane and became a premier league soccer player while studying business marketing. Continuing to expand her creative practice, Remine made and sold decorative mirrors via retail consignment then eventually moved into street art murals, culminating in a commission for the Brisbane City Council.  


Remine moved to Sydney in 2000 and has been working in global digital marketing while continuing to create diverse art works inspired by pop art, music, New York art of the 80s, and masters such as Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky and Klee. Her vision is powered by a love of creativity that marries the aesthetics of pop culture and street wear, tech trends and classicism, that we know Cinettica customers will love.   


This collaboration represents the ultimate embodiment of community, connection and creativity with no boundaries.



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